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Welcome to the RealArcade 1.27 Beta

The next version of the RealArcade is almost ready for primetime! Help us deliver the next leading edge product by testing the Beta version.

Disclaimer: The Beta version is used to test the next version of RealArcade before it is widely distributed. Since it is considered a work in progress, please keep that in mind when using the software. If you would prefer to use the fully tested version of RealArcade, please go back to the homepage and click on the red “Download Now – FREE!” button.


Download and Installing

You can download and install the RealArcade Beta version by clicking here.


What's Changed in RealArcade 1.27?

  • Smaller download size
  • New My Games functionality that differentiates between demo and full versions
  • New RealArcade logos
  • Better support for RealNetworks My Account personalization
  • Other miscellaneous fixes and improvements to make RealArcade more stable and user friendly

    How to Send Feedback and Report Report Problems 

    Please use our convenient online survey to provide us with general feedback on your RealArcade Beta experience by clicking here.  If you encounter a specific issue, you can report it using the bug reporting survey here.

    We're also offering a $25 dollar gift certificate to users who report in the top five issues, so make sure and provide accurate contact info when filling out the surveys.

    In order to help us reproduce any issues found, we'd appreciate it if you could include as much of the following information as possible when filling out the survey:

    • Operating System and Version (i.e.: Windows XP, Windows 98)
    • Basic machine configuration (i.e.: Pentium 4, 256MB RAM, 1024x768 video resolution)
    • Web browser version (i.e.: IE5, IE5.5, IE6, Netscape 7)
    • Specific steps to reproduce the problem (i.e.: Start RealArcade, clicked on Rocket Mania icon from Game Guide, Downloaded game, observe strange behavior)
    • Any specific game you used (i.e.: if you played a specific game and it caused problem with RealArcade,  point us to it)
    • Prior version installed (if over-installed)

    We are looking for enough information to be able to reproduce the issue in our labs so we can work to find a resolution. Your help is very much appreciated.


    What to Watch For and What to Test 

    Use RealArcade as you normally would, but please focus in on the following areas:
    • Installing RealArcade Beta over a prior installation of RealOne Arcade
    • Downloading and installing games
    • Using RealArcade online vs. offline
    • Opening and closing RealArcade multiple times in a row
    • Downloading lots of demo games
    • Uninstalling games

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